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Sunday, March 30, 2003

New Blog For Bob Schulz


I have set this blog up for you so that you can easily blog for us and try out this new medium.

Click here to go to


userid: xxxxxxxxxx
password: xxxxxxxxxx

Call me if you have any questions.

Doug Kenline

I have also set up a Rose Lear blog and hope to be hearing from her there soon.

What I would like to see here Bob is a few words from you on a daily basis. Act as though you have all of your County Coordinators gathered in a room with you for a nightly meeting. What would you tell us? Tell it to us here. There is much being said about the power of the blog.

Dave Winer says the blogs will have more influence than the New York Times soon.

Hugh Hewitt writes for Worldnetdaily and has his own blog here.

Gary Hart has started his own blog here.

More about Dave Winer on blogs here.

An advocate of ‘blogging’ put his money where his mouth is this week by betting $1,000 that weblog journalism will overtake The New York Times website by 2007.

Blogs were suddenly not merely "hip", but "a vital force in personal journalism that can no longer be ignored."