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Saturday, April 26, 2003

Bob Schulz Heading To Las Vegas

It could not be any better. We've had a fantastic day here in Irvine, California. We had overflow crowd, standing room only for the morning session and the afternoon session. It was just a very, very busy day for us. I'm about to check out. Joe Banister is here. He came down from San Jose. I'm standing here with Joe. If you want to have Joe say a few words I'm sure he'd be glad to do it. But it went extremely well. It went very well.

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I'm on the way to Las Vegas for the meeting tomorrow then back to California, Bakersfield, and then on up to Oregon. I do know about Gene Chapman. When I was approaching Austin for the Austin meeting, Austin, Texas. I received a call from my wife in the home office that she had received a note from Gene Chapman about this hunger fast. I had her fax it to me at the restaraunt where I was speaking that night. And it was just by coincidence Gene Chapman is in Austin where I was. The next morning I went over to his location and I spoke with him for some time and what I saw was a wonderful man. Just a wonderful, smart, well educated man who was very committed.

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The police have come by and ok'd everything. He has basically decided to fast until the government answers the questions. Particularly to show him the law that he's required to file and pay this income tax. He sits on the corner. He has his bible with him, that's all. There will be an article going up at about Gene Chapman very soon.

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I met Lynn Meredith today for the first time. I actually had never spoken to her or met her. Just a wonderful lady. We're getting our heads together. Obviously the IRS has a full court on against people and we need to counter that and we're working on that.

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Stay tuned for more audioblog reports with Bob Schulz on the road.

Bob Schulz In California

If all is going according to schedule, Bob Schulz is in California at this time giving two free seminars today. I will try to call him late tonight as California time is three hours behind east coast time and I'll try to catch him toward the end of the day and get a good audio interview.

Posted by Doug Kenline

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Bob Schulz In New York For Easter

If all went according to plan, Bob Schulz flew out of Phoenix Sky Harbor airport at around 2 PM Phoenix time yesterday. He will fly back to Phoenix on Friday and drive to Irvine, California for a meeting on Saturday morning April 26.

I will not call him again until he is back on the road. I have asked Bob to make some audioblog posts for us all here while he is spending time with his family back in New York.

Bob, please dial 1-661-716-2564 and make a two minute audioblog report for us here. Enter the main telephone number of 202-842-1300 when prompted and the pin code of 1234. The audioblog computer will ask you to begin speaking after the tone. You'll have two minutes to let us know how you are doing and how things are going.

Thank you very much.

Posted by Doug Kenline.