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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Monday, January 16, 2006

Open Audio Message To Tim Randolph, Terry Bressi, Bob Schulz, And All WTP Congress Members

Contact Your Local Coordinators & Volunteers

Below is an open audioblog message to the members of We The People Congress. In the audio message Doug Kenline talks about the need to get the blog going now, the plan to get the blog going right away, and the capabilities that a good blog needs to have to be effective.

Doug specifically addresses the need for a good blog to have audioblogging capabilities. He talks about how here at this blog we now have unlimited 5 minute segments of audio for free. He talks about the cost of having free unlimited audioblogging capabilities as provided by

Doug talks about audioblogger versus He talks about and the traffic that they have been getting. He talks about the free sitemeter, reader comments, two-way interactivity, left and right hand column, the header, free telephone conferencing, posting the audio of the teleconference call on the blog, and other technical aspects of a good blog for good blogging success.

Doug talks about the free cost of this prototype blog verses the projected cost of the finalized blog. Listen to the audio below.

Segment One

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Segment Two

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Segment Three

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